Oracle database bookmarks –

General Oracle db concepts –

1. Why there is implicit commit before and after executing DDL Statements
2. Implicit commit with DDLs — AskTom
3. Why not use Redo log for consistent read
4. Difference between redo logs and undo tablespace
5. What does redo log files hold?
6. Why Hash Join goes slower?
7. TKPROF: high SQL*Net message from client + excessive parsing
8. What is the meaning of SQL*Net message from client — Ask Tom
9. Will Oracle lock the whole table while performing a DML statement or just the row? — Stack Overflow
10. Developing applications in Oracle APEX
11. What is High Water Mark (HWM) ?
12. Concept of High Water Mark (HWM) — Ask Tom
13. SQL Hints – Oracle 11.1 docs
14. Do I need to create indexes on foreign keys? — Stack Overflow

 SQL and PL/SQL – 

1. Query – merging intervals — Aketi Jyuuzou
2. Group By preserving the order — Aketi Jyuuzou
3. Counting continuous years — using Tabibitosan method
4. Tabibitosan method — Aketi Jyuuzou
5. REGEXP_REPLACE – Is this strange Or Am I Missing something? — Jeneesh



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