How did you learn… Cary Millsap ?

One not-so-fine evening, while at work, I was stuck with a SQL performance issue. Over the internet, I found an article by Cary Millsap titled Why You Should Focus on LIOs Instead of PIOs. Going through the content, I got some further doubts. Finally, as always, I resorted to the OTN forums and posted my doubts.

For those who are not aware about OTN, it stands for Oracle Technology Network. A technical discussion forum where technologists and enthusiasts meet and discuss their concerns.

Back to the topic…

In no time, I was helped by some of the most renowned database experts including the author himself, Cary. :)

After my doubts were cleared, overwhelmed by his knowledge and efforts in helping me, I contacted him. Then I asked him few further technical doubts and finally, a peculiar (silly!) question: “How did you learn so much stuff about Oracle”. :P

And, here was his reply –

A complete post on his blog. :) Thanks a lot, Cary!!!


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