Learning about ASH and AWR –

Lately, I have become a l’il more serious and concerned about SQL (and database) performance tuning, which at some point or the other, becomes an absolute necessity.
So, to take the tuning activity to the next higher level, beyond the execution plans, I thought of delving into the concepts of AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) and ASH (Active Session History).

I believe, this is the point, where a Developer meets a DBA course of activity.

So, my quest for some good starter material, halted on this amazing video tutorial on YouTube “Performance Tuning with ASH and AWR data” by Kellyn Pot’vin, a former Oracle ACE Director.

Towrads the end, she advised to go through some nice resources/blogs, and I have noted the same here for my future reference purpose:

1) Karl Arao — http://karlarao.wordpress.com

2) Tyler Muth — http://tylermuth.wordpress.com

3) Kyle Hailey, John Beresniewicz, Graham Wood — http://ashmasters.com

4) Kellyn Pot’vin — http://dbakevlar.com/2011/02/for-the-love-of-awr-and-ash/

Really appreciate Kellyn for the wonderful video tutorial. Thanks!!!


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